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Nobody's Nobodies >Edições de Janeiro and Olhavê Publishers [Brazil, 2015]

Editing and Narrative: Alexandre Belém
Design: Yana Parente
Image processing: Mayra Rodrigues
Languages: portuguese, french and english
Size: 9"(23 cm) x 9"(23 cm)  / 96 pages / 38 photographs
Papers: Garda Pat Kiara 135g  and Munken Lynx Rough 120g
1500 copies / Printing: Ipsis

On Canvas > Aeroplano Publisher [Brazil, 2001]


Project coordination: Mayra Rodrigues
Design and graphic production: Alex Chacon
120 photographs and Arnaldo Antunes poem
Texts: Heloísa Buarque de Hollanda and Milton Guran
Languages: portuguese and english
Size: 11½" (29,5cm) x 9½" (24cm) / 144 pages
Paper: Scheufelen Phoenixmotion 170g
2300 copies / Printing: Burti


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